Our People

Test & Verification Senior Research Engineer Gao Junfeng

I joined Shanghai Hyundai Mobis after I graduated for one year,I am deeply attracted by its special corporate culture and atmosphere here just like a family. In the after ten years,with the development of our company,I am growing up with the company since I was a freshman。It’s a great honour for me to be a part of R&D center,we always keep improving ourselves,growing up with R&D center,attentively,cautiously,diligently work on the experiment,for the best quality of products to do our best.“challenge and change”is the topic for us who is working in mobis for ever. New goal,new challenge for everyday,everything here with great passion for me,we are confident for the development in the future,welcome to join us to build a great future together!

Test & Verification Senior Research Engineer Jin Meihua

Mobis gives me a favorable platform of growth, through which I obtain the opportunities to correspond with the customers directly on behalf of our Technical Department, and continuously improve the quality of our products with the goal of providing better technical supports. Going through the Tests Support Management, I’ve learnt a lot. The spirit of company, “constant change and challenge”, is regarded as the source of my strength. Acting as the leader of our team, I’m also thankful for the supports from my team members. Thus, it encourages me to be more devoted to my work. I especially treasure all of this, for a better tomorrow, come on !

Interior & Exterior Design Research Engineer Yang Hua

When I just joined MTCC, there are a lot of things and job content is a big shock to me. One of the most hard to accept thing is spirit of challenge. Once set a goal, fearless rushed forward.At first I think it’s blind to race. Over the past four years now, and these are no longer let me hard to understand, and also no more afraid. Set a new goal is not a member who alone at war, but all the team together to set up and achieve the common goal based on the core value –customer focus, challenges, communication and collaboration, people and global orientation.
I learned a lot through this process and can also work together with colleagues more happy. Everybody come on!

Mechatronics Design Research Engineer Wang Zihan

Working in Hyundai Mobis is a very nice experience in my life, owe to strict but funny leaders and passionate colleagues.China Research Institute's mission is control product quality and develop the suitable product for China, and our team's job is try our best to make a contribution to Hyundai Mobis. In Mechatronics/Safety our job is to do the research on PAS, BCM, ACU, Airbag. I think in all of our efforts Hyundai Mobis can to be the world's leading auto parts supplier. In my opinion Hyundai Mobis provides a good stage for us through the professional training and practical activities, and we also can get the experience directly from the senior engineer. For Hyundai Mobis I have confidence. For myself I have expectation.

Interior & Exterior Design Research Engineer Zhang Enci

MTCC just like a big family,Interior & Exterior
department committed to design and develop the vehicle module which more closer to our Chinese customers.
Combine high quality, safety, aesthetic to a unity that in order to serve the Chinese automobile industry better. Hyundai Mobis supply us a great stage to grow up and improve ourselves. Meet many Excellent colleagues, everyone doing great here.
Do our best to design and create more comfortable ,better auto parts with our youth, vitality and great cohesive!

Multimedia Design Research Engineer Li Ling

Hyundai Mobis China R&D center has a rigorous working system, warm and comfortable working environment, and the company is very concerned about the growth of employee and the life of staff, often provides some internal trainings or outside training, that makes you feel that I am not just an employee , I am an member of the company. What the importance is that I came to the multimedia department-a young, dynamic team , makes me become better.
Besides, the multimedia department keeps up with the development of modernization, equipped with the latest communication technology (smartphone interlock, telematics interlock etc), aiming to provide the customers with safer, more convenient and economical products. For the sake of customers’ satisfaction, it needs to do amounts of comparison, evaluation and test before launch the products .