Hyundai Mobis (China)R&D center ,We always strive to achieve our goal that to be the leading auto parts company. Our vocational work are according to design analysis and quality identification of the auto parts which are sale in China,do the logical performance assessment of the parts as well. In addition,In the way of investigation and analyze the product requirements that satisfied the situation of China,thereby developing the model which is suitable for China,then provide better quality evaluation for the developing of localization of product and so on.

Design & Development

Our primary objective is that develop the most appropriated, most competitive product in China. So that we always groping the requirement of local customers by market survey and concentrating develop the optimization type. Besides,in order to supplying the perfect products to the customers,before volume production , conforming the design and quality then improve design ,so produce the best products.

Test & Verification

Evaluating the statute performance, customer requirement Items and Internal regulation of the products and reliability appraisal which is in development phase. And via regularly appraisal the products which are in volume production phrase to strict control and supervise the quality durative. Besides, according to evaluate extreme winter and other real vehicle evaluation, do our best to supply trustworthy auto parts to Chinese market.