Hyundai Mobis produces hydraulic drive CBS(Conventional Brake Systems) and electronic control braking system EBS (Electronic Brake Systems). We devote to improve the braking efficiency of the vehicles, thus providing quality products which meet both the safety demand from consumers and regulatory requirements in China. According to a series of conditions including native features、vehicle load and structure, R&D Department decide the most suitable ABS、ESC and EPB products. Going through a variety of real vehicle performance tests, mass production of the vehicles would finally begin.

  • EBS
  • Master cylinder & booster
  • Calliper brake
Calliper brake
  • Stops the rotating brake disc by clamping it with the brake pads using hydraulic actuation
  • Widely used in the Conventional Braking System
  • Lightweight and low drag for optimised fuel economy
Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Used when the vehicle is parked
  • Activated by pushing a button instead of a hand lever or pedal
  • Calliper-type EPB: Generates clamping force with an electric motor and gear set on the calliper.
  • Cable puller-type EPB: Pulls the parking brake cables connected to a separate actuator with a motor and gear set
Parking Integrated Calliper (PIC)
  • Calliper with both service and parking brake functions
  • Uses the Ball in Ramp (BIR) or Cam & Strut (C&S) structure as a parking mechanism
Master cylinder & booster
  • Provides hydraulic pressure to the front and rear brakes
  • The brake booster amplifies the force caused by the driver’s pedal input using the pressure difference between the engine vacuum and atmosphere over a diaphragm
  • The brake master cylinder transforms the force from the booster into hydraulic pressure
  • Used when the vehicle is parked
  • Manual operation
  • Widely used in conventional systems with rear calliper brakes
  • Modulates the hydraulic pressure on each of a vehicle’s four brakes by applying, releasing and holding a volume of brake fluid as specified by an electronic controller
  • Includes ABS/ESC/ESC premium wheel slip controls