Mechatronics & Safety

Install the different electronic equipment in vehicle, Hyundai Mobis (China)R&D center are developing many electronic equipment for vehicles then volume product. Now we are doing research of ESC and other sensor class products. ESC can control many electronic equipment, Vehicle sensors be applied to the regions such as PAS and Object perception and so on. Investigating customer requirements, and making discussion for localization product, supply suitable product to localization market. When car crash happened to keep passengers safe, developing many kinds of air bags supply to the customers the most Optimized products.

  • Body Control Module(BCM)
    Gen 3 audio
    Many electronic equipment and system connected with BCM and be controlled in vehicle. Equipment such like car door, RKE, sensor and so on are all controlled by BCM.
  • Parking Assist System (PAS)
    Gen 3 AVN
    The parking assist system, PAS, is a driving assist device which uses ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles in the blind spot of the front and rear part of the car when parking or driving slowly and warns the driver
  • Camera
    Gen 3 audio
    汽车前/Front / rear vehicle cameras are parking assistance visual aids which use CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) image sensors to show any blind spots to the driver when parking.
  • Airbag & ACU
    Gen 3 AVN
    The airbag is the representative safety device that confines passengers with seat belts when collisions occur, preventing secondary collision with the interior material or ejection from the vehicle as well as absorbing the impact of collision. Airbags of various purposes and functions in accordance with different types of collisions, passenger sizes and their positions in the vehicle contribute to the passenger's safety.