Lamps are important safety components and design projects that decide the vehicle appearance image. We are working at the lamp design and development from structure, optics and electricals. Considering the diversity of vehicle condition and regional features, we are researching and developing the products to meet all professional requirements of customers.

Lighting System Schematic
  • LED Headlamp
  • LED Rearlamp

LED is used in Headlamp's and Rear lamp's to increase durability (increase life cycle), to improve night vision and design flexibility.

AFLS (Adaptive Front Light System)

AFLS is an intelligent light system that adjusts light angle (up/down, right/left) according to various driving conditions (steering angle and speed) to materialize the most optimal illumination, suitable for any road condition.

  • Function Computes adjusted-angle for the headlamp
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Vehicle Interface Signal Processing
  • Communication with Sub ECU (LIN)