MDPS(Motor Driven Power Steering)is a kind of new-mode Power Assisted Steering System, which use motor instead of traditional hydraulic system to provide assisted drive.
According the researches of the Chinese markets, we are devoting to the vehicles parameter adjustment to adapt our products to the consumption propensity among Chinese consumers.
Moreover, lightweight of steering components and cost innovation has been the recent focus on developing high-quality and competitive products.

  • Column-Type MDPS
  • Dual-Pinion Rack-Type MDPS
  • Belt Rack-Type MDPS
Column-Type MDPS
  • Attach drive motor to column.
  • Most widely used due to flexibility in securing space need for packaging in vehicle.
  • Mostly used on small to mid size vehicles.
Dual-Pinion Rack-Type MDPS
  • Separate pinion and motor is attached to Gear- Box for direct drive.
  • Faster response compared to column type and provide more natural steering feel.
  • Mostly used on mid to mid-large size vehicles.
Belt Rack-Type MDPS
  • Attach Belt & Pulley structure as well as a motor for direct drive.
  • Low friction, high efficiency structure is used to
    provide high performance steering feel.
  • Mostly used on mid-large size vehicle.