Test & Verification

In order to guarantee car’s quality and durability life, Hyundai Mobis would make reliability verification for component during the development stage and after mass production regularly. There are assessments of advance regulation performance, customer requirements and internal regulation during development stage. During mass-production regularly identification ensure the production quality to be consistent and sustained and stable.
Ensuring the production quality by assessing durability life and performance of production as well as ensuring reliability of applicable materials by material performance assessment and reliability identification. Secondly, managing reliability identification by real vehicle evaluation after assembling in winter/summer.
Through the above evaluation phase, we improve product reliability constantly so that supply the most perfect product. Therefore, we would constantly strive to do our best .

  • Durability & Performance Test
    • Cockpit/FEM module fatigue test and brake component vibration durability evaluation
    • Chassis module static stress and cockpit module performance evaluation of the impact
    • Verify product reliability test in environment conditions
  • Material Test
    • Evaluation of metal materials, polymer materials, rubber, leather, fabric and other materials
    • Evaluation of mechanical and physical properties, chemical properties, coating/plating table surface
    • Temperature, humidity, salt water, sunlight and other environmental reliability verification
    • precise analysis of harmful material such as raw material composition, heavy metals, debris and so on
  • Vehicle Test
    • Evaluation of the braking performance of the vehicle brake system (brake / steering) and the driving auxiliary brake system (SCC/AEB/SPAS)
    • Evaluation of braking performance and braking performance in winter environment
    • Evaluation of system control performance and NVH under trial condition